How You Can Help

Superhero Foundation is all about getting the word out regarding the prevention of child abuse. As such, there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Donate: We are currently working on an online donation component to the website to make donating easier.
  • Launch, Participate or Sponsor a Race: We are working to spread the word about the prevention of child abuse by launching ‘Superhero Runs’ in cities around the United States. Join us by either participating or sponsoring a race in your city – or go all out and launch a race in your city! When you race in your own city the funds go toward the local agency of choice by your own local Superhero Foundation. Participate local, benefit local – think global. Check out our ‘Run’ section of the website for a listing of cities in which we currently have active Superhero Runs
  • Volunteer: If you don’t want to walk or run a local race but want to help – volunteer your time to help organize the race or help on race day. If the local agencies benefitting from the Superhero Run in your town speak to your heart – call them up and see if you can help them directly.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends about the efforts to help prevent the atrocities of child abuse and have them join is in our efforts to make child abuse a thing of the past.
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